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We move all types of furniture, from England to Ireland and domestically. We are especially recognised in areas like Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Louth. So if you are looking for load and furniture delivery couriers in these areas then we are here to help. Give us a call on x or use this form, and we will aim to provide you with a quote quickly so you can make your decision and get on with your day.

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Load & Furniture Deliveries with Vanload.ie

How much does it cost to ship a table?

This can vary depending on a few factors, so please make note of these when you complete the form on this page for your quick quote.

  • Size of the table
  • Location of the pickup
  • Where it is going to
  • If the table can be dismantled
  • Who is dismantling the table.

How much is it to ship a chair?

In much the same as the previous question on Tables, if you are looking to ship a chair.

  • Size of the chair
  • Location of the pickup
  • Where it is going to
  • If the chair can be dismantled
  • If so, who is dismantling the chair.

How do you ship a piece of furniture?

To ship a piece of furniture you can speak with a courier like Vanload.ie who will answer your specific questions and give you the right advice to ensure hassle-free shipping. If this is delivery to and from an Ireland address then no problem, if you wish to ship goods from England to Ireland then no problem, we can even help you move goods from further afield such as Europe and overseas if you provide us with the information we can help you to understand the process, costs and any specific recommendations we make to reduce possible delays. It is important to note that with Europe and worldwide shipments, presently this is very changeable due to currency and fuel costs. It is important that you use a reputable shipping partner like us to assist you.

What is not allowed in couriers?

How do I know if a courier is legit?


Who use courier services the most?

Businesses use couriers the move but private homeowners and others use a variety of services for example we provide:

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